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Music and other forms of fine art are powerful components of worship. Fine arts can awaken our senses and make our worship more meaningful. Shekinah Full Gospel Church of God is committed to music and fine arts as a ministry. God wants us to use our abilities no matter how great or small.

Our Music and Fine Arts Ministry offers many venues where people can become connected to this vibrant part of the life of the church. Whether you sing, dance or playing an instrument or just have a fondness for the arts, there is a place for you in our Music and Arts Ministry. Music is a vital part of the life at Shekinah Full Gospel Church of God.

The congregation and choir join voices as they sing the songs of our faith. The songs invite the Spirit of the Lord into our worship service and provide a way for us to offer praise collectively. At the Shekinah Full Gospel Church of God, we encourage everybody to join in singing praises at home, at play and at church, regardless of musical inclination.

All are invited to experience worship with us as a congregant or visitor at Shekinah Full Gospel Church of God.