40 Years Legacy of Grace

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“ As a church, we are proud to be celebrating 40 years of ministry under the auspices of great leaders that heard directly from God concerning the mandate of Shekinah Full Gospel Church.

This celebration signifies a long and winding journey of hardship and opposition, but also an exceptional level of triumph and revival as a church.
Our multi-faceted journey reminds us of countless stories in the Bible where the people of God experienced a period of testing and trial that was designed to edify and develop those whom God had ordained according to His purpose.

For instance, Moses was greatly tested in the desert, and was required to live there for 40 years before being selected of God to lead His people out of bondage. This is merely one example of the challenging yet honourable task placed on the shoulders of those whom God had chosen, and it may be interpreted as a symbol of the difficult yet God-ordained journey of Shekinah FGC.

Therefore, as a church, we celebrate and thank God for 40 years of exceeding grace in ministry that began on dusty ground and open fields, large tents and door-to-door ministry, and ended up propelling hundreds of people into positions where their gifts in Christ could be discovered, so that those gifts would be developed, enabling hundreds of God’s people to be deployed into the kingdom.”